In the not too distant past brands were using social media platforms, such as Instagram, as a way of attracting customers to the top of their sales funnels. Now, however, social networks have introduced new tools that allow customers to purchase directly from posts within these applications.

As reported by Gartner L2, as many as two-thirds of users report having made a purchase directly from social media posts within the last year. Unsurprisingly, retail and beauty brands have been two of the fastest categories to adopt swipe to purchase as a part of their e-commerce strategies. Brands in these categories can heavily leverage visual storytelling to directly reach consumers who are already active the platforms.

Eliminating Friction from the Customer Experience

Another benefit from the swipe to purchase strategy is the elimination of a point of friction in the customer purchase process.

Customers can view products, add to cart, and complete their purchase all without having to leave the app, which leads to a significantly greater likelihood that the consumer will complete their purchase.

Are you interested in adopting a swipe to purchase as a part of your overall social media strategy? Contact us and let’s begin the discussions on how we can help your business leverage social media to grow your funnel of prospective customers.

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